FB-001 Classic – 5590€

Stationary photo booth for hotel, ferry, shopping center, tourist resort etc. Photo booth with coin chip validator and payment terminal.
Brand your photo booth. Vinyl sticker. Any highlighted text or logo on both sides.


PhotoBooth FB-001 CLASSIC it’s a first model of our production from 2011y. Since that time it has been only a little bit modify in terms of construction materials. Now on european market we’ve got more than 50 devices with different configuration – most of them have been individually branded.


APPLICATION: stationary equipment installed in pubs, clubs, amusement parks, zoos, hotels.

ADVANTAGES: Very durable housing made of aluminum with a thickness of 3-5mm. Equipped with 24/7 components. Ability to place any logo or text cut out and highlighted on the side walls of the photo.

COLOR: any color from RAL palette (powder coated housing).

Weight: 68 KG
Lighting: LED LG
Power: 230 V / 380 W
Dimensions: 172x87x51cm
Screen: Touchscreen monitor ELO 19″
PC: Gigabyte Mini PC i3 or i5 or i7
Thermal printer :DNP DS-RX1 or CITIZEN CY
Camera: Digital Camera Canon EOS 2000D + 18-55mm DC III
Live view
Windows 11
Countless layouts
GREEN SCREEN technology
Sharing photos (facebook, twitter, email)
Logo, any text or image on the printouts!
Special effects (like sephia, black&white etc.)
Personalisation of photos and startup screens
Extra Options
- Coin Aceptor 300€
- Covers Set 350€
- Media Set 10x15 139€
- Sides Branding 150€
- Full Branding 400€
The prices are net and do not include VAT

Full Branding Option